Journeys of Creativity, by Daniel Cardoza

Creativity and self-expression have been things that naturally flow through me since I was young enough to realize what imagination was. In my childhood, this manifested as primitive doodles on spirals and walls, crafting various swords and tools for play, building lego constructs with my own set of directions, singing and acting, writing (very simple) poetry,….

The Inherent Balancing Act That Is Craft Beer

By: Sonny Franks   The craft beer industry faces a unique set of marketing challenges thanks to the constant question of how to grow while keeping things small.   One of the most difficult hurdles a craft brewery must face when it comes to marketing is what I call the “indie fan effect.” Having come….

Slice of Justice – Pink’s Pizza Latest

Our latest project for Pink’s Pizza “Slice of Justice” is a low budget film trailer in the style of grindhouse. In addition to the video, a microsite was created as well as a series of film posters.   Credits: Creative Director/Copy – Dan Szymanowski Brand Management/Poster Design – David Malamud Art Director….

SXSW Brain Dump: Part 1

Fellow Oaker, David Malamud, and myself recently returned from the 2013 SXSW Interactive conference. Neither of us had wielded a a SXSW badge before, so in the days leading up our heads were swimming in nervous excitement. So many panels, exhibitions, swag tents, and parties to choose from – it took us a solid day….