Spruce up your Facebook Account in 2013 – Tips for all Businesses

It’s easy to get lazy with the upkeep and appearance of so many of our various and vast social media accounts.  Why worry when posts are here one moment and buried beneath new posts moments later? Answer: two things. The internet is forever. Anything you post, even if you delete it, can often be linked….

Shooting and Editing Online Video

Video production, editing, and sharing are the easiest they have ever been. Video consumption in America has skyrocketed. Promo videos, commercials, and teasers are tried and true cornerstones of the industry. According to eMarketer, online video ad spending is about to skyrocket as well – they estimate that it will triple over the next three….

Notes on Responsive Design

We’ve recently had a lot of clients asking about responsive design – an exciting turn. We’ve been playing around with it ever since passing around Ethan Marcotte’s now-famous ALA book. It seems like the term has just entered the non-webnerd lexicon. A simple and (rightfully) alluring concept at it’s core; however, it’s been difficult communicating….