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Tres Artes :: Hassana Tadi

T R E S   A R T E S

by Hassana Tadi



Tres Artes?!…like Tres leches? ¡Correcto! I am going to compare my creative journey thus far to Tres Leches! Three layers of creative sweetness 🙂


Digital edit I did Summer ’15 to celebrate my twin and I’s 23rd born day!


A R T 1

Following greatness


Diving into art was inevitable for me. Growing up I always saw my mom make something from nothing and she always had a craft for my sister and I to do. From baking and cooking, to sewing, painting and paper crafts, my mind was constantly being stretched creatively. What I loved most growing up was discovering how things work and learning how I could to control them. Although I never had a close relationship with my father, one of the best things he passed onto me – other than my height haha – is his creativity.

The showcase of awards in my old clarinet case.


A R T 2

Exploring and discovering


Sometime during 6th grade I added another layer to my creative cake! Music. Learning how to read music and control sound as it escaped an instrument was both challenging and fulfilling. Throughout my 7 year band career, I played clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax in jazz band, piccolo in marching band and somehow even got into electronic beat making. While building my musical skill-set, I added to the visual side of things and started exploring digital art in Microsoft Paint and Word.

Junior year of high school I was introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator -quite a step above MS word and paint- and I auditioned for and made Arkansas All-State Band – basically Olympics for high school musicians. Making All-State lead to an academic scholarship to lend my magical musicality to the Henderson State University marching and concert bands.

When I stepped onto the campus of HSU, my three passions were


any form of visual art I had access to

beat making

With my new found freedom and access to more resources than everrrrrrr (especially a refund check which funded my exploration) I found myself creating constantly. During my first two years in college I painted clothes ,shoes and bags, shot and edited pictures and videos, made beats, and even jewelry. I also spent majority of my time in classes practicing hand typography and not paying attention…It was literally bliss, I hit the creative jackpot!


A R T 3

Finding places to grow


A few of my greatest works while attending HSU!

Unfortunately, those creative passions I fed daily did not reflect the major my 17-year-old self choose…computer science.

Soooo…My 19-year-old self made a huge leap of faith and followed my passion.



any form of visual art I had access to

beat making


I narrowed down and changed my major to digital art and design.

The 3 years I spent in the art/design program at Henderson were transformative! I had never worked as hard at anything, including band while in my destined major. I watered sprouts that were already planted -photography/photo manipulation, crafting and typography- and planting new creative seeds, most importantly painting, and technical and conceptual graphic design skills. I also discovered a wide range of influences, from the Swiss Design era to Wayne Theibaud to Kanye West.

I can say the same thing about Oak. In the two years years I’ve been a part of the #Oakommunity, I have worked on several types of projects for various industries. Some have allowed me to explore new skill sets such as web development, and some have allowed me to build upon old favorites like type based poster design.

There is no doubt about my place in the world as a creative professional, but how and who I create for are flexible.


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