Few people like advertising, but everyone likes a story. Whether you’re a person or a brand, your story is who you are, what drives you and why you matter. And that’s what we do. We tell the truthful story of your brand.

Here are the things that we do to help us tell it.

Research & Strategy

If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. With the proper insights gained through primary and secondary research methods, we lay the foundation for successful tactics and compelling creative.

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Brand Strategy

Let OAK help you ensure your brand is consistent, relevant, recognizable and unique. With proper brand strategy, we can help you discover your True North.


Market Research

Whether you have a problem in your market or you want to understand your competitors better, we can help you get the insight you need to make your next move.


Marketing Plans

Plan to succeed. Our marketing plans are thorough and strategic to help you plot a course for growth. Our plans included background research, objectives, strategy and tactics as well as a planning calendar to help us execute.

Paid Media Planning

OAK has extensive experience in planning, buying, and monitoring virtually every possible digital medium and coordinating these platforms with offline media, such as video, print, out-of-home and broadcast.


Paid Search

Let OAK manage your pay per click (PPC) campaign to create brand awareness and convert visitors into prospects.


Social Media

Use paid social media to expand your brand awareness and inject your brand into the right conversations with most-likely-to-buy prospects.

Graphic Design

Display & Re-targeting

Don’t let your prospects go just yet. With display retargeting, your brand can follow visitors to other sites after they’ve visited yours helping increase conversions.

Digital Marketing

Mobile Advertising

In some markets, mobile accounts for more than 70% of all web visitors. With our mobile advertising strategies, we can reach and engage these users compelling them to take action.


Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your clients and prospects and track their responses as well as interests through strategic email marketing.


Broadcast Media

With TV, video, radio and podcasts as part of your media mix, you can tell your brand story in short- or long-format visual and audio media.


Outdoor Ads

As one of the last frontiers of interceptive media, outdoor is a great reminder for brands with high recognition or to give immediate directions.


Print Media

When it comes to targeting trades, business audiences or specific neighborhoods, print still engages a select markets where they live and work.


Direct Mail

Still a mainstay of marketing to consumers, direct mail gives you geo-targeted efficiency coupled with interruptive impact.

Earned Media Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team will improve your natural organic search rankings for your website on key search engines like Google and Bing by creating traffic-driving content and performing both on-site as well as off-site SEO.


Local Search Marketing

When searchers are looking for businesses “near me” we put yours on the Google Map with the right strategy and content.


Social Media Management

Some brands want to just sell which alienates their prospects who want to engage with them on a deeper level. Let us start a conversation on social media to engage your brand’s followers.

Creative Services

It all starts with a Big Idea. Let our award-winning creative team create engaging and compelling brand communications that reach audiences on a visceral level and urges them to take action.

Web Design

Website Design & Development

Our responsive-designed WordPress websites are carefully planned and built with the latest code to ensure that they are SEO-ready from the get-go.


Visual Design

Leveraging our brand strategy, we can create a logo, brand identity, business cards, letterhead, Power Point, email signature and any other promotional materials to execute on your brand.


Content Writing

In today’s digital marketing, content is king. From content writing to video production, let us create the content that paints the story for your brand complete with text and visual.


Print Advertising & Design

We make ads that engage and sell. Whether it’s magazines, newspapers or collateral, when you have an opportunity to stand out among the pages, we can help.


Out-of Home Advertising

When it comes to out-of-home, we create ads that get attention whether it’s on the roadside, in a parking garage, on a gas pump or in an elevator.


TV, Video & Radio Creation and Production

We’ve been creating award-winning video and audio content for decades. No matter your budget, we have big ideas that help you tell your brand’s story.