Few people like advertising, but everyone likes a story. Whether you’re a person or a brand, your story is who you are, what drives you and why you matter. And that’s what we do. We tell the truthful story of your brand.


Understanding how to build the strategic framework needed to keep the brand and its supporting organization on track and focused on the correct strategies and tactics is the key to the brand’s success.

Brand Strategy

Let OAK help you ensure your brand is consistent, relevant, recognizable and unique.

Media Planning

OAK Interactive can work with you to determine what the best combination of media is to achieve any given marketing campaign objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team will improve your  natural organic search rankings for both your website and Local Search results (map listings) within key search engines like Google and Bing. Read More


OAK has extensive experience in planning, buying, and monitoring virtually every possible media opportunity, along with coordinating these options with other media, such as video, print, and social campaigns.

Print Advertising

From flyers, brochures and postcards we create compelling print pieces that bring a tactile element to your brand.

Social Marketing

Use social media to expand your brand awareness and start a dialog with your customers.

Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your clients and track response and click through rate.

Paid Search Campaigns

Let OAK manage your pay per click (PPC) campaign to create brand awareness and convert visitors into prospects.

Web Banners

Our retargeting display banner ad campaigns bring prospects back to your site increasing the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

Direct Mail

Even in a digital world, many people look forward to receiving their daily mail. We work with you to create unique custom pieces that make an impression on recipients.

Outdoor Ads

The average American now spends over 100 hours a year in the car commuting. Take advantage of those hours with impactful outdoor advertising.


Effective brand communications should be committed to a strategic, creative, and innovative execution using every medium possible, both traditional and non-traditional.

Print and Web Design

Clean professional branding for print and web projects.

Responsive Website Design & Development

We design and develop responsive websites that engage users and convert them to prospects no matter what device they’re on.

Mobile Apps

Come to OAK for professional mobile app development that keeps stakeholders engaged.


Our professional videographers and photographers can capture the visual impact of your brand.


When it comes to marketing your brand, content is king. From websites to newsletters, captivating your audience is crucial to success.