Pay to Convert Search

Paid Search AdvertisingPaid Search or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to get top visibility via “AD” placement whether your organic search results are putting you at the top or you’re rising in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

For products and services that are needed more immediately or you have high brand awareness, paid search is an even better fit. When you rank in the search results with Google and Bing—the two major players in search engines—you are more findable for prospects who are both familiar with your brand and need it RIGHT NOW.

paid search lead generation
OAK’s tracking system integrates all metrics that are involved in the client journey.

Our Paid Search Includes:

• Keyword research and building a recommended keyword list
• Ad copywriting for you to review and approve
• Landing pages for each paid search campaign
• Retargeting display banners
• Full campaign management and monitoring
• Weekly reporting as needed and monthly full campaign report to key stakeholders

Landing Pages Help Land More Prospects

Running paid search or paid social media ads without landing pages is like someone visiting your hardware store, asking about pipe wrenches and you send them to the front of the store. There’s no better way to tell a prospect to “figure it out yourself” than to send them to your home page from your paid search ads.

paid search audience data
Being able to track who is responding to your paid search campaigns helps OAK know if we are reaching the right target or not.

Landing pages when built right tell the prospect that they’ve come to the right place and, if they’re ready to buy or talk to someone, they’re met with a strong call to action. Good landing pages give them the short details confirming why they clicked on your ad followed up with a logical call to action whether it be a phone number, live chat or an online form.

Retargeting Ads Make Paid Ads Work Harder

We’re big believers in retargeting ads too. We think that you’ve already paid to have the visitor land on your website, why pay again? Retargeting ads are one of the most efficient ways to re-engage visitors who have already been to your site. When used with Paid Search or Paid Social Media they dramatically increase conversion among visitors who would’ve otherwise gone elsewhere.

Houston PPC Marketing

Consistent retargeting keeps you exposed over a longer period of time—even following prospects online as they research competitors. Some people find it annoying, but it works. With our retargeting ads, we create strong reminder messaging unique to both your brands and the area they showed interest in when they initially visited your site and why they should take action now.

Paid Search That Measures Up

Under our constant watch, our Paid Search experts are working to improve on our metrics to improve results.

By adjusting and improving our messages, placements and quality scores, we can:
• Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

paid search cost per click tracking
Every month OAK shows clients how their campaigns are performing. Then we adjust our tactics accordingly.

• Improve Click-Through Rates (CTR)
• Reduce Cost Per Visit (CPV)
• Reduce Cost Per Lead (CPL)
• Reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
• Increase Search Engine Optimization traffic

At OAK Interactive, we’ll monitor all of our campaigns and optimize them towards inbound lead generation including website visitors, order completions and average product sales (if the data is available and accessible). If you’re looking to get more from your PPC campaigns, call or contact us and let’s get things moving.

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