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Social Media: How Kate Spade Does It Right

Social media is so relevant and important to any business because it can be really powerful if you use it the right way. Best of all, it’s free! The most important thing is to make sure your social media account is branded. When someone comes across the page, they should be able to recognize your company brand within seconds. Let’s take a look at how Kate Spade uses each of their social media channels to showcase their brand.

Facebook: As mentioned in last week’s post, the best place for your company logo is in the profile square.  If you look through Kate Spade’s profile picture archives, you’ll notice that their logo remains consistently the same size and in the same place. The cover photo space is used to showcase their most current line. Kate Spade keep fans engaged with a new post or two every day, which is just enough to keep people interested but not annoyed from over posting. Each post is accompanied with a very visual image that quickly grabs your attention.

Twitter: While the Kate Spade Facebook page is used mainly to promote items they sell, Twitter is used more for conversation. On Twitter, they keep followers engaged with tweets about relevant topics, as well as posts on office happenings and events. The tone is more conversational and playful, but still represents the Kate Spade brand. Hash tags are often used to promote a current line, like #artofthedot, or #livecolorfully, a key tagline. Plenty of conversation starters, check-ins, and updates give Twitter followers a little bit of fun throughout the day.

Pinterest: Kate Spade’s VP of eCommerce has mentioned that they use Pinterest for presence.  They rarely pin images of their own products; instead, images that are pertinent to the brand are pinned to boards in various categories of “living colorfully”.

Instagram: Kate Spade uses Instagram to highlight merchandise, the office, events, and fun graphic details in different environments. There is a more personal feel to these images that you don’t get from the other social media channels; however, the person behind the “camera” remains anonymous, which gives a good mix of mystery and professionalism.

Blog: Blog posts are usually a combination of products and other relevant things. Outfit ideas, movies, books, and how-to’s are some of the blog content put out. Original graphic images are central to each post, which further reiterates their brand positioning

An important note to take from this is the brand continuity you see across all of Kate Spade’s social media platforms. For instance, if a new line is being promoted, the Facebook cover and Twitter background will match the what’s on the homepage. Some of these mediums might not be appropriate for your brand, so use what will work for your business and keep it cohesive.

What is your opinion when it comes to using social media for your business? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a note below or send a message to info@oakinteractive.com.