WordPress Websites That Work Hard To Grow Your Business

Your business website is your most important marketing asset; it’s the first impression your business makes on a potential customer.

We believe that customer-centric website solutions deliver tangible business results and retain customers. Through industry research, journey mapping, and personalization, the OAK team creates web experiences that are secure, feature-packed, digitally transformative, high-performing, and user friendly.sitemap for website

Your website is your virtual sales representative, even when you’re not online. So, more than just a great user experience, our aim is to create a website that’s founded on your brand’s values and promises that converts site visitors into prospects.

Whether you’re launching a startup website or rebranding your corporate site, our professional web designers can help you attract visitors with a thoughtfully mapped out, lead-focused website.

Not Just Mobile-Friendly, Mobile First and Responsive.

Your audience has gone mobile—more than 60% of all online searches are made on a mobile device, which is why your website needs to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Plus, a responsive website ranks higher Google and other search engines.

Our team of web strategists and designers uses a mobile-first approach when developing your responsive design website to ensures that it’s optimized for the latest mobile SEO practices. Our goal is to provide visitors with a streamlined web experience across all devices while making sure it’s performing at its peak and most secure.

Fast and Secure Websites

In the world of high-performance websites, every second counts. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’ll likely lose potential customers immediately. That’s why the web designers at OAK optimize your website code to boost site speed and ensure there’s nothing holding you back from ranking in search engines.

User Experience (UX) Design.wireframe for website

For converting visitors to prospects, we will leverage your business objectives to modify your website’s user experience to engage visitors and convert them to qualified prospects. Our goal with UX is to make sure that the site enables users to easily find what they are looking for and takes them to the next step in their journey.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We will leverage our insights to develop the most efficient technical and content structure into the site reflecting your audiences’ search habits. If the current site doesn’t provide enough insight to make decisions, we’ll employ best practices.

Tracking & Analytics.

Depending upon your milestones, we will set up Google Analytics to track goals and counter measures that will define success of our marketing activities. If you have a Marketing Automation Tool (MAT), we’ll install the necessary pixels and tracking codes.

Website Discovery & Strategy

We’ll begin the process with a kick-off Discovery phase where we’ll discover what you like about your current site, what you would like to improve about it, discuss best practices and understand what it will take for your website to help grow your practice. In many cases, we’ll perform a Brand Assessment to understand your brand, its personality and how it ties back to your mission, vision and values.

Website Design

We’ll design your website pages to reflect your brand and convert visitors to prospects with the features and functionality that follow best practices. This design phase typically includes a sitemap, design concepts of a Home Page and one Tier 2 Page.

Content / Image Production Strategy.

Using the sitemap as a guide and leveraging our content strategy, we’ll make suggestions on additional text and brand tone, voice and SEO. Imagery will support your brand’s personality and aesthetic and can be either be original or stock photography or illustration.

Website development & Testing

We develop within the WordPress Content Management System which makes updating and modifying content easy and intuitive. This phase includes a beta site, feedback, functionality testing, bug resolution, Quality Control and pushing the site live once it’s approved.

Standard Website Features

Our websites are programmed with your fonts, colors and aesthetic derived from your brand strategy and identity and typically include the following features:


Website Quality Control Check

Once live, we’ll run the site through another full Quality Check to make sure the site is stable and all content, plugins and features are functioning correctly. We’ll also address any bugs or issues that arise after going live.

If need be, we’ll provide training on updating content on your site for 30 days after we go live. We also guarantee our site and will fix any issues that may break within this time period.

Grow Your Business In The Digital Arena With OAK Interactive

The team at OAK Interactive has years of experience in building custom, sales-driving websites for all business types and sizes. Our work ranges from creating multi-location websites to building highly customized local websites from small business, and everything in between.

Our mobile-optimized websites are designed to drive leads and optimize marketing budgets while differentiating your brand in the marketplace. Contact our website design team at (832) 321-3196 for a free assessment.

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