Brand Strategy Helps You Express Your Company’s True North

In order to deliver on your brand, you have to understand what you deliver—and, guess what? It’s not products or services. It’ssomething emotional. Sure, you can list all of the bullet points showing all of the things you make and the things you do, but are you expressing why they are important to your customer?

Strong brands make people feel things. Belonging, powerful, independent, sentimental, empowered. People don’t buy products, they buy how those products make them feel.


Let’s Talk About Your Brand’s Feelings

For instance, Nike does not make shoes. They help athletes of all levels perform better. Starbucks isn’t in the coffee business. They’re in the reflective experience business—even if that experience isn’t inside one of their coffee shops.

When you understand your brand and its competitive environment, you know how to define your promise. When you know your brand promise, it defines not just your advertising messages, but everything about your company from the types of new products you develop to the people you hire to deliver on that promise.

When OAK does your brand strategy, we will conduct:

Primary Research

We will conduct quantitative and qualitative research to understand your market’s thoughts and perceptions around your company’s messages, products and personality. This will help us define what defines your brand and how those perceptions differ among stakeholders. These differences will help us both define

Brand Strategyyour brand and help us understand what offerings that truly make a difference in your business.

Competitive Research

We will examine your competitors including their website look and feel, key messaging, product offering as well as advantages and disadvantages compared to your company.

Product Research

In our product research phase, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of your business, your products and service branding and their positioning and messaging. We’ll look to understand the emotional reasons that add value and inspire people to do business with you.

Brand Strategy Deliverables

Our Brand Strategy deliverables include:

Audience Persona – Our audience persona will take a snapshot of your customers and create a profile showing who they are, why they make purchasing decisions and how they consume media.

Customer Journey – Every customer goes through a journey that starts with a Problem and finishes with a Referral, but it never ends. We want to understand how a customer becomes a customer that’s a raving fan.

Positioning Culture Map – These are the adjectives that your customers use to describe your company. Are you seasoned, colorful and simple or complex, daring and mysterious? When it comes to your culture map, there are no wrong answers, only honest ones.

Brand Personality Matrix – Brands have personalities. If you’re a law firm or a CPA firm, are you professional and trustworthy? If you’re a candy store, are you friendly and fun? All companies have their own distinct personality that resonates with their specific audience.

Brand Positioning Statement, Tone & Profile – This is where we encapsulate the entire process into a single statement about your company and what it is you really provide to your customers. This is a distillation of all of our data and research into a guideline for creative execution and messaging.

If your company is struggling with your brand and want to understand how you can deliver more value, let the brand experts at OAK help. Contact or call us to schedule a free consultation.

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