Drive Engagement With Professional Video Creation And Production Services

Video marketing is a critical to both brand-building and digital marketing since video content is responsible for more than 80% of internet traffic worldwide.

Branded videos give you the perfect opportunity to creatively tell your brand story via an engaging and powerful medium that instantly grabs attention and establishes an emotional connection with your audience. People love stories and you can tell yours in a matter of seconds or an hour long—as long it’s engaging, the rules are meant to be broken.

The video producers at OAK know how to tell your brand’s story and promote your business through promo videos, explainer videos or tutorial videos. Besides building your YouTube channel, they fuel SEO on your website and boost social media engagement. Videos are also great additions to landing pages where they can help your paid media campaigns dramatically boost conversions and increase click-through rates.

Professional web videos are relevant, compelling, and effective at cultivating trust among your audiences. At OAK Interactive, we know the impact of well-produced, high-quality videos on your both your brand perception and your bottom line. Our comprehensive video creation and production services include everything from ideation to scriptwriting, production, post-production, and final delivery. No matter your budget, we can create great, compelling video content that will add fuel to your brand.

We have a team of videographers, screenwriters, production designers, and editors who have years of expertise and the latest equipment to shoot, edit, produce and distribute videos that get noticed and boost your brand.

How Does The Video Production Process Work?

Discovery And Ideation

Each video production project starts with the discovery process that helps our experts understand your unique selling points, business goals, and audience. If we’ve done a brand assessment beforehand, we’ll leverage our findings and insights to create a creative brief that allows our team to focus on a singular message.

Script Writing

Our team of expert writers creates scripts with audio and visual directions and, depending upon the budget, we’ll storyboard the scenes to make sure we are organized and buttoned-down going into Pre-Production.


This is where we plan for our shoot. We gather our crew, scout and secure locations, cast our actors and assemble a schedule. We try to anticipate any issues to address contingency plans long before they become problems.


On the day of production, the crew and videographers follow a shooting schedule that is broken down from the script and storyboard. Over hours or days (depending upon the scale of the project), we’ll shoot principle scenes, coverage and b-roll footage.

Post Production

In Post Production all the production elements are brought together. Our skilled editors and visual effects artists assemble the footage according to the script, add visual effects and finishing, voiceovers, and sound design to deliver the final product.

In many cases, clients will give feedback on a rough cut so that we can polish the timing and order of the visual and audio elements. Once the client approves the project at this stage, they’ll see a more finished product the next time they see it.

Final Delivery

Once the video is successfully assembled and finished, our digital marketing experts will work on video distribution. In some cases, we may break the video up into separate videos to post on YouTube. Our goal with distribution is to maximize your online exposure with your target audience and one of the best ways to do that is through social media. All of the social media platforms have analytics-focused data that help us improve viewer engagement.

Also, as part of our social media services, our team keeps track of video performance analytics to see how we can create additional engaging video content that will drive additional traffic to your business.

Create Impactful And Engaging Branded Videos With OAK

As a leading digital marketing agency in Houston, the team at OAK Interactive has years of experience helping clients develop a powerful marketing strategy that maximizes profits.

Our video creation and production services include creative ideation, script writing, HD quality videos, and polished audio engineering to provide you with the appropriate videos that are brand relevant and optimized for the web.

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