We Develop Comprehensive Design Systems That Define A Compelling Brand

Your brand encompasses everything your business stands for—its goals, core values, culture, and vision and mission. We believe that businesses can disrupt industries by creating brand identities that emotionally connect with their audiences and authentically represent the real value that they deliver.

OAK Interactive’s brand creative team is made up of graphic designers, brand strategists, and website developers who tell brand stories that are rooted in thorough research and insight gained from our brand strategy process.

Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding, or launching a new brick-and-mortar store, we help brands –both big and small– in various industries become leaders. We help them create unique brand positions and execute on those visually with award-winning logos, compelling brochures, websites, sales collateral and marketing campaigns that get results.

Brand Strategy And Naming

We conduct a brand strategy assessment to discover what emotional gap your business fulfills beyond the bullet point features. This discovery uncovers what sets your business apart from the competition and defines the value that it delivers. This strategy helps us conceptualize and create the perfect image your product or business based upon your brand’s promise and positioning.

However, creating a memorable brand name is just the first step. We leverage your brand’s positioning to build sound marketing strategies for social media, digital marketing, advertising, and reputation management to bring you closer to your business goals.

Environment Design And Signage

Your workspace should be a clear representation of your brand’s purpose and aesthetic. We work with your architects and interior designers to bring your brand’s style to your office or store experience or to create custom art pieces and experiential branded spaces.

Product Packaging And Print Design

Product packaging and print touchpoints are extensions of your brand that further execute on your marketing initiatives and brand story. The OAK team designs engaging print collaterals, including business cards and brochures, product packaging, and print ads.

We immerse ourselves in the branding landscape and work directly with manufacturers to ensure packaging labels meet industry standards and are designed to solve problems, not just look pretty.

Increase Brand Awareness At Every Touchpoint With Help From OAK Interactive

OAK Interactive is a leading digital marketing agency in Houston that can help you deliver integrated brand communications and foster brand awareness.

Whether you need branding for a website, a single brochure, a small business starter kit, or perhaps a multi-media campaign, let our team show you how we can amplify your brand with branding and creative services.

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