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OAK Interactive offers website maintenance to keep your WordPress Website running securely at its peak.

WordPress is a great platform that’s used for most of the websites on the internet. But, as a legacy blog platform, it wasn’t originally meant to be used to build full-on websites. So, over the years, using open-sourced code technology, developers around the world started building add-on code (known as widgets and plugins) that developers could use to make the site function or look the way they want it. From moving graphics to shopping carts, plug-ins drive the robustness of WordPress-based websites.

WordPress Needs Attention

However, one of the biggest marketing issues that business owners often overlook after they’ve built a website is the site’s ongoing maintenance.

After your website goes live, you cannot just leave it alone. It needs constant monitoring, backups, updates, and technical support. While some plug-in developers are great at keeping up with the latest .php updates that address performance and security gaps, others are not. And sometimes, your website developers may write custom code for those plug-ins on your site to make them work the way they want. Your custom code may not work seamlessly with the new .php update which can break your site. When a plug-in doesn’t work, it can cause a glitch in the user experience at best or take your site down at worse.

Ongoing website maintenance is the least expensive way you can keep your site running securely at its peak performance. As a leading digital marketing agency in Houston, OAK Interactive has years of experience in helping businesses maintain their website’s security and performance. Our all-encompassing website maintenance service plan allows you to rest easy knowing that your site is constantly monitored and running on the latest software.

Continued Website Maintenance Helps Your SEO Efforts

Businesses that don’t maintain their websites often notice that their SEO search rankings may drop because of poor page speed, inefficient code or other performance issue. If your site goes down at any time, it could be penalized by Google. A strategic website maintenance plan allows you to provide your visitors with uninterrupted experience compelling them to browse your site again.

We maximize your site’s performance and make sure it functions efficiently and dependably. After all, a better website experience translates into improved ranking in search results.

Regular Updates

The web never sleeps and your site can be visited during both business hours or at 3:00 a.m. We keep your business website secure, up-to-date, and functional around the clock. Our standard maintenance plan includes 24/7 monitoring and daily backups that keep track of your site’s uptime and performance.

Every month, we’ll refresh and update your site with the latest plugins and updates needed to ensure a secure, functional user experience. Besides Search Engine Optimization, these updates keep your site stable by keeping it current with the latest software and code.

Your monthly service includes:

We’ll provide you with a monthly report of any issues that both were addressed or need to be addressed. Our developers and digital marketers can also strategize to overcome the problematic areas of your site. This includes coming up with a plan of action for larger updates or website revamp if needed, to eliminate broken links or outdated content.

WordPress Management

WordPress offers a steady stream of enhancements, security-related updates, new features, and themes that you can use to improve your website’s user experience. Our seasoned team of developers at OAK, stay on top of WordPress management and security patches as part of the website maintenance plan. We do this to develop secure, better-performing sites that comply with industry best practices.

If you have a WordPress website, make sure it’s being monitored 24/7 and kept current with all software updates. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your site running securely and at its peak performance.

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