Create A Powerful Brand To Grow Your Business

Since words can only get you so far in conveying your one-of-a-kind business persona, brand identity allows you to leverage visual elements like logos, fonts and colors to create an impression that resonates in people’s minds.

Brand identity is who you are as a business; it’s a statement that permeates throughout all touch points that your audiences encounter. Whether you’re launching a brand, or refreshing your brand, your identity visually and verbally expresses your purpose, vision, and values while differentiating yourself from your competitors.

As a leading digital marketing agency, the brand experts at OAK Interactive have leveraged a tried and tested process to successfully create hundreds of logos, identities, color palettes, and product names for large corporations and start-ups alike.

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Brand Identity Services Offered At OAK Interactive

Brand Discovery & Research

Some people call it a brand assessment. We start by delving deeply into what sets your business apart. Within the discovery and research phase, we survey your team, your customers, your target audience and your competition as well as analyze your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. This gives us brand clarity that allows us to create a brand positioning message and image which pinpoints the emotional need that your brand fulfills.

Design A Memorable Logo

This where art meets science. The key to your brand’s visual language is your logo design; it’s what your customers will be exposed to the most and it’s typically what visually encapsulates their experience with your company.

Our experienced art directors and designers leverage our assessment findings to create a logo that represents your brand’s positioning based upon cultural and industry symbolism as well as color psychology and theory.

Our approach enables us to create not just aesthetically engaging logos, but logos that communicate emotionally what your stakeholders are seeking. They build an impactful impression that leads to a lasting relationship.

Distinct Color Palette

Color communicates emotion. They can connote urgency (red), value (yellow), confidence (blue) or mystery (black). Your brand’s colors are most likely the first thing people will notice so they must hold enough power to urge your target audience to engage with you.

Our designers leverage color theory to elicit culturally appropriate emotions and use them to your brand’s advantage when it comes to marketing and branding. We create a distinct color palette for your brand that reinforces brand recognition and give you flexibility for future design.

Many companies think that all they need are their primary colors, but that’s rarely enough. If your primary colors are red and white, unless you have a secondary palette, everything you have will be just red and white. With a secondary color palette, you’re able to set off the brand within appropriate context without becoming boring.

Cohesive Brand Messaging That Resonates

Brand messaging is the art of conveying the essence of a brand based upon your positioning statement. Brand messages should be compelling, persuasive, and motivational.

We create your brand messaging by using your positioning statement as a foundation. Then we bring support it with the selling points of your products and services. Here, we create a brand promise and elevator pitch that allow you to respond to the question, “What does your company do?” with a short, but complete and engaging answer.

It’s the start of a conversation, not the end. We create unique, brand-specific, insightful taglines that your customers can immediately understand and engage with.

Create Strong First Impressions That Last

A fresh brand identity cuts through the noise and draws out the audience you need. It’s compelling and aesthetically communicates on an emotional level, not just practical.

Call the brand experts at OAK, a top-of-the-line digital marketing agency in Houston, to discover what your brand really means and set it apart.

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