Connected TV Targets Entire Households And All Devices

Connected TV or Over-The-Top (OTT) is simply video/ad distribution through internet-enabled or connected smart TVs and other devices that deliver over the top of your internet service provider’s service. 

As people use internet streaming more and cable TV less, OTT has grown exponentially since 2018.Over The Top Ott Connected Tv

This covers video ads that run exclusively on Smart TVs, streaming sticks like Roku, Amazon Fire or AppleTV; and game consoles like Xbox or Playstation on blue-chip TV channels like CNN, Pluto TV, ESPN, and Food Network. It’s also music and video streaming providers such as YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify. OTT allows us to reach a very targeted, engaged, younger and more affluent audience. 

Take Over The Household

These opportunities are typically cheaper than traditional media delivery channels and they’re more efficient because they allow advertisers to target by geography, demographic and even lifestyle events (new to the neighborhood) in their media plans. With OTT we can “take over” an entire household showing video ads on the TV and display ads on devices within the same IP address.

Data Gathering for Better Understanding

OTT can help us understand our customers better by leveraging both data and technology. This allows us to create a better environment which makes our advertising from placement to more effective messaging. It also helps us nurture leads and convert them to customers by monitoring customer journeys through aggregate reach, engaged reach, time spent, and true followers or subscribers. As the customer gets deeper into their journey, we can modify our strategies accordingly.

OAK can create the strategy and execution plan for an OTT media including: 

If you’re looking to make your media dollars work harder, contact or call us to talk about an OTT media plan and how it can fit into your overall strategy.

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