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Off Label Brewing Co
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Off Label Brewing Co


No Label Brew Co, a long-time client, came to us with the idea for a new brand for their ultra-premium, eclectic beers – Off Label Brewing Co. They had a few proposed ingredient combinations but wanted universal packaging design, product names, line-specific branding, and a separate website.


Off Label Brewing Co, is a Katy, Texas institution. In order to celebrate that, we narrowed down our concept to reflect small town Texas inspiration for their new line. The client is definitely more of a Doc Holiday, never a Wyatt Earp. The final design, which is now on shelves throughout Texas, includes award-winning hand stamped case packaging, silk screen printed bottles, a slew of social media collateral, a sales kit, a responsive, award-winning website, and other printed items such as t-shirts which are sold at the No Label Brewery during their taproom events.




August 26, 2015


Addy Winning, Art Direction, Beer, Branding, Print