Don’t Play Hide & Seek With Your Business.

Whether you realize it or not, you may be playing games with your business. More than 70% of all website traffic comes from natural listings found in popular search engines like Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Search Marketing (LSM) helps you rank in the results pages of search engines including the local search maps over time. SEO and LSM drive prospects because they’re perceived as  trustworthy. While SEO has a relatively low cost, it can take up to 3 months to show optimum results, but the results can be significant.

What we will do:

The SEO team at OAK will work to improve both your on-website natural organic search rankings and off-site rankings with Local Search results (map listings) within key search engines like Google and Bing.

Here’s how it works:


STEP 1: Website Assessment

We’ll conduct a detailed and comprehensive Website SEO Audit to see if your website is vulnerable to Google updates and ranking algorithm changes. We want to make sure your site is configured for for long term results and that you’re targeting the right keywords and the right audience. We’ll analyze your site to make sure it’s conforming to Google Guidelines for both SEO and design focusing on white-hat strategies that improve traffic, rankings and results.

We’ll conduct more than 40 proprietary checks on your website including:

STEP 2: Keyword Research

Our keyword search process will help us understand what keywords people are using to find you, then we’ll develop the right list to focus our efforts on from high-traffic keywords to long-tail keywords. We put tremendous effort into making sure we have the right list —especially long-tail keywords as many tend to convert at a higher percentage rate than higher-traffic keywords.

STEP 3: Content Creation

In SEO, content is king and quality content is what keeps you on the throne. While many SEO companies ignore this critical piece, OAK creates relevant and compelling content for your website that relevant to your niche, industry, and competition. Our content brings visitors and boosts your SEO to optimize your domain for target keywords. These activities increase traffic, improve rankings and connect your prospective customers to your website.

Every month, we’ll create:

The amount of content that’s produced for your plan may vary depending upon your budget and how competitive your industry is.

STEP 4: Website Optimization

Our strategies enable your website to climb the search engine rankings with the goal of appearing in the Top 10 spots in the search results. Your content has only about 2 seconds to hook users into the search result before they go somewhere else. Our team creates clear and compelling text and we update the webpage titles, meta tags, H1 tags,  anchor text, etc. to make sure your site is findable and displaying relevant search data that converts visitors into prospects on your site.

STEP 5: SEO Submission

You can’t be found in the search engines if they don’t know you’re there. For us, it can sometimes take months for your website to be indexed by search engines because we submit it manually–not through submission software. This means you’ll never have to worry about being penalized by search engines or get surprised by Google’s algorithm updates. We’ll also submit your site to special interest sites and internet directories to help build backlinks.

STEP 6: Link Building

Building links—or getting other websites to link back to your website—increases your site’s authority, raises its search rank and signals to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. After we develop fresh, relevant, link-worthy content, we build links to connect visitors to the content we want them to see.

We build natural, earned links (rather than buying them) and we don’t manipulate the process using black-hat SEO tactics that can get your site banned from search results. Yes, this takes more time, but we make sure that we link from authoritative websites that will have a greater impact on your authority and rankings on the SERP than some small unknown site with few visitors. This step is important to boosting your rankings in search engines and we take the time to do it the right way.

Local Search Marketing (LSM)

It’s true that 72 percent of consumers who conduct a local search visit a store within five miles of them. That’s why LSM is such a critical component of SEO and why we integrate it into our SEO effort. LSM literally puts your business on the local search map when your prospects and customers search for a business like yours. It’s essentially SEO that helps businesses show up in relevant local map searches.

We’ll optimize your online information and make sure it’s accurate and displays consistent NAPU (name, address, phone number, URL) across all of the important directories so that search engines see verified, trustworthy information of what you do and where you’re located. This way, when consumers search for you using key search terms, they’ll find you and select you.

Why should you optimize for Search Engines?

SEO has become the basic “block and tackling” of any marketing strategy. It’s the baseline of what you need to do to grow because it provides a trustworthy means to being found by prospects online.

If you’re not ranking as high as you think you should, call us and let us show you how high you can go.