No Label Oktoberfest Beer Can Design

No Label Oktoberfest Beer Can Design

No Label Brewing has been an OAK client since 2015. During that time, we’ve designed some of their most iconic beer brands including El Hefe, Ridgeback and 1980. Every Fall, No Label releases its much-anticipated Oktoberfest brew and tapped OAK to make it happen. Objectives: To create a brand experience for Octoberfest that would reflect….

Off Label Brewing Co

THE PROJECT No Label Brew Co, a long-time client, came to us with the idea for a new brand for their ultra-premium, eclectic beers – Off Label Brewing Co. They had a few proposed ingredient combinations but wanted universal packaging design, product names, line-specific branding, and a separate website. THE SOLUTION Off Label Brewing Co, is….

Summer Sandia

When Texian Brewing Co. approached us to launch their new Bomber limited series with Summer Sandia. Using the historical scenery as the framework we wanted the design to reflect a style close to a printed press look using a limited color pallet while having fun with the scene. The packaging reinforces the brand by pairing….


The first bomber bottle commissioned by Texian Brewing was for the Liberty IPA. The sister ship to the Brutus (or brother? we dont know how the naming of ships works), the Liberty was a ship that played an important role in Texas history, which is the branding strategy for Texian Brewing. The story and name are….


Texian Brewing Company is proud of their Texas heritage. Founded and brewing in Richmond, Texas (southwest of Houston), Texian is owned and operated by a sixth generation Texan. Their beers are made for the Texas heat but feature innovative flavors and twists on old favorites. Their beers are named after historical Texas events and figures,….