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Church Services

Church Services is a home service company that gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that they can get help for heating / cooling, plumbing, electrical, pest control and foundation repair all from one source. The company was challenged in the marketplace by much larger competitors who outspent them almost 10-to-1. Since we couldn’t outspend them,….

Summer Sandia

When Texian Brewing Co. approached us to launch their new Bomber limited series with Summer Sandia. Using the historical scenery as the framework we wanted the design to reflect a style close to a printed press look using a limited color pallet while having fun with the scene. The packaging reinforces the brand by pairing….


The first bomber bottle commissioned by Texian Brewing was for the Liberty IPA. The sister ship to the Brutus (or brother? we dont know how the naming of ships works), the Liberty was a ship that played an important role in Texas history, which is the branding strategy for Texian Brewing. The story and name are….

Santa’s Little Weiner

Annual Christmas card! Santa’s Little Weiner won an American Advertising Federation award in 2015.


EMS USA inc. a fast growing pipeline care company, came to us for a fresher look and increased functionality. We addressed everything from typography to colors. The first piece we addressed was the website. Making a fully responsive showcase. We created something highly functional and very original in the energy world. The slick new UI….