See Tim Sell

Church Services

Church Services is a home service company that gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that they can get help for heating / cooling, plumbing, electrical, pest control and foundation repair all from one source. The company was challenged in the marketplace by much larger competitors who outspent them almost 10-to-1. Since we couldn’t outspend them,….

David Taylor GMC

David Taylor GMC had been in Houston since 1975 and had enjoyed a prestigious reputation with its country club atmosphere and suit-clad sales staff, while other dealerships had gone casual. With increased competition, a shift in the city’s growth patterns and overall change in luxury car-buying habits, David Taylor led the market in Buick sales,….


THE PROJECT To strengthen and expand Hebel’s reputation among architects, developers and builders in the United States construction market in addition to launching their two new product lines Hebel PowerPanel and Hebel PowerFloor THE SOLUTION Leverage clients testimonial and as well as strengthen and refocus branding effort for web, video and sales materials with the….

Texas Tamale

This is one of 2 ads we created for the Texas Tamale Company. These ads ran during the holidays and targeted Texans living outside of the state. We developed this ad in both Spanish and English. Best of Show Winner for Print in the 2012 Houston ADDYS.

Off Label Brewing Co

THE PROJECT No Label Brew Co, a long-time client, came to us with the idea for a new brand for their ultra-premium, eclectic beers – Off Label Brewing Co. They had a few proposed ingredient combinations but wanted universal packaging design, product names, line-specific branding, and a separate website. THE SOLUTION Off Label Brewing Co, is….

Summer Sandia

When Texian Brewing Co. approached us to launch their new Bomber limited series with Summer Sandia. Using the historical scenery as the framework we wanted the design to reflect a style close to a printed press look using a limited color pallet while having fun with the scene. The packaging reinforces the brand by pairing….

See Tim Sell

Challenge: The quirkiness of a home-brew stick figure logo had brought Houston Area real estate company, See Tim Sell, a significant amount of local notoriety. When See Tim Sell was ready to expand their business, we were given the task of re-imagining their branding system, Proposed Solution: Develop and identity that would be iconic while….